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Collinsville is a beautiful area and attracts lots of hobby and professional photographers. The beautiful nature trails, bridges, and buildings make for an excellent for interesting pictures or stunning backdrops.

If you live in the area, there is a great resource to help local aspiring photographers. The Canton Camera Club meets the 3rd Tuesday each month in the Harwinton Public Library. It’s a great way to get out and get to know and learn from other photographers. Become a member and take part in their monthly competitions and special photography events and outings.

For more information on the Canton Camera Club you can check out their website

Make sure to check out our gallery. There you can see just some examples of the great places and things to photograph in the Collinsville area. For more personal comments and experiences with the camera club, checkout the Canton Camera Club blog post.

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  1. avatar David Chanko says:

    Hello, i stopped in at your meeting last night and spoke about the pending CJR Car Show in October. For more information please contact me with your interest to attend as a Camera Club event. I will need to get an estimate of photographers so the CJR planning board can include your club member count in their agenda.
    The suggestion is that your club members wear a club hat or some something where a tag may be attached to identify you as a photography group (PRESS) You admission would be free.
    The CJR directors would ask that at some point after the show your club would share photos of the day of events. Thank you, David Chanko

  2. avatar Louis Galgano says:

    Hi. I am a hobbyist photographer. I was wondering if you are going to have a photo contest. Please let me know if you are and how can I get an application and all the rules about the contest. Thank you.
    Louis Galgano

  3. avatar Paul Edwards says:

    It was pure coincidence that I’ve come across these emails here. The camera club, although we have the same name, has not been associated with the town of Canton in over 20 years.
    Any contact with the camera club needs to be via our website. We have “contests” every month from September to April. Please check us out at our website and place any questions to us there.
    Paul Edwards, president, the canton camera club
    PS: we meet 2 times a month in Harwinton.

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