Missing Barn Owl

Canton Raptor Care on Bunker Hill Rd, is searching for their missing Barn Owl named Luna. Luna is an educational birds and imprint, which means she can not be released and would not be able to survive in the wild or find food and hunt. She is also very shy and spooks easily.

If you see or know any details about Luna’s whereabouts please contact Teresa Kramer at Canton Raptor Care 860-693-6255.

Several groups have been notified, flyers have been sent out, volunteers have hiked, stayed up for several nights, and also sent emails, online alerts and Facebook info. So please if you have any information regarding the missing owl or see the owl please contact the number above.

Memorial Day Parade

This year our family had the pleasure of going to Canton’s Memorial Day Parade. The Parade started at 10am near the Canton Intermediate School and traveled down through Collinsville and ended with a special Memorial Day ceremony. We met with friends along the parade route. My wife left our nice camera at home, so I’m afraid I had to document the experience with my cell phone. If you have any pictures of the event and would like/allow me to post them on the site contact me via the contact form on the contact page.

Memorial weekend was beautiful and the festivities I felt were a great reminder of how great our city is and a remembrance of the sacrifice given by so many in order to have it such a great place. Surely it was a day and time to remember fallen military, but also a day to celebrate public service members like firemen and women and a time to recognize volunteers local leaders who dedicate so much time to the youth and more in our community.

Spring in Canton

I’ve written a good bit about the seasons here in Connecticut, but I have yet to write anything about Spring. The weather and seasons were a big part of the reason why my wife and I were so interested in this part of the country and Connecticut is (as well as surrounding states of course) are known for their 4 distinct seasons. Winters have plenty of snow with temperatures in the 10’s to 30’s, Spring is rainy with 40 – 60 degree weather with blooming trees and flowers everywhere you look, Summer is warm and humid and green, and of course Fall is arguably the best season with moderate temperatures, low humidity, and Fall colors all around.

In fact given the 4 separate seasons here, Spring is often the least favorite among locals. The rain seems almost constant, the landscape looses its blanket of snow to expose all of the leafless trees and in the time before they grow back it looks pretty barren. But in time the colors return. First in a beautiful variety in the form of flowers and blooming tree blossoms. That color is usually shed to be replaced by a lush green. Despite it being one of the least favorite of the 4, Spring here in my opinion is still gorgeous.

The colors of blooming spring are gorgeous. Temperatures aren’t overly high. Usually ranging in the mid 40’s to 60’s. It may feel a little chilly, but when you compare it to a lot of the rest of the country at that time it’s not bad at all. In fact any time I feel a little bad about the weather here in Canton / Collinsville I look at the weather report from where we used to live in Idaho. When it’s raining here, it’s snowing still in Idaho (yes it snowed in Idaho last week) and when it’s 45 degrees here, it’s 30 or below there.

I’ve heard of people moving from California to Connecticut complain about the weather, so I suppose the experience is relative, but let’s face it you can’t compare southern California to anywhere else in the country  other than maybe Hawaii.

Another great thing about Spring is that as it warms up all of the Spring baseball and sports leagues start up again and parks and yards are filled with kids playing and fun. It’s a great time to go for a run, bike-ride, or drive to see and take in all of the beautiful sites, smells, and sounds.

2009 November 3rd Election Results

Congratulations to all of those candidates who ran in this year’s election and congratulations to all of those who voted yesterday. The results are as follows:

2009 November Votes Cast for Candidates by Race

Candidate Office Party
# Votes Received Seated
1749 X Richard J. Barlow First Selectman Rep
1347 X David W. Gilchrist Selectman Rep
1094 X Marc Edward Cerniglia Selectman Rep
1374 X Stephen J. Roberto Selectman Rep
819 Arthur E. Fournier, Jr. Selectman Dem
989 X Bruce A. Lockwood Selectman Dem
700 David C. Shepard Selectman Dem
1036 Lawrence D. Litton BOF to fill Vacancy Rep
1101 X Kenneth S. Humphrey BOF to fill Vacancy Rep
1046 Michael A. D’Apice BOF to fill Vacancy Dem
1076 X Mary B. Tomolonius BOF to fill Vacancy Dem
1102 Mark H. Quattro Board of Finance Dem
1184 X Richard W. Eickenhorst Board of Finance Dem
1428 X Richard Ohanesian Board of Finance Rep
1465 X Brian D. First Board of Finance Rep
962 X Carlene C. Rhea Board of Education Dem
834 X Patricia R. White Board of Education Dem
641 Andrew D. Pidgeon Board of Education Dem
1317 X Mark W. Lange Board of Education Rep
1274 X Beth Kandrysawtz Board of Education Rep
1264 X Leslee B. Hill Board of Education Rep
712 George W. Thimot, Jr. Bd of AA Dem
1363 X Paul F. Volovski Bd of AA Rep
1370 X David P. Sinish Bd of AA to fill vacancy Dem
848 X Patti P. Maulucci Constable Dem
739 X Richard A. Zommer Constable Dem
857 X Gregory M. Sims Constable Dem
665 Thomas James Bush Constable Dem
1223 X Mickey W. Barlow Constable Rep
1310 X Louis M. Daniels Constable Rep
1207 X Larry D. Minichiello Constable Rep
1154 X Karen L. Berry Constable Rep
1348 Yes Question 1
481 No

Result information was received from the Voting Information page on

Sam Collins Day 2009 Wrap Up

I’ll write more later about Sam Collins Day but I wanted to at least get some photos up. Our family had a great time from the open house tours in the downtown Collinsville axe factory, to the booths at the park, fireman’s breakfast, and Canton High School Football game, we had a great time. I picked up a lot of information and material for the site, so make sure to check out the updated events and photos page.

Local Fall Festivals

There are few better places to be in Autumn time than in New England, more specifically Connecticut. I just read this news article in the Winsted Journal about local Fall festivals and wanted to pass it along. October 3rd there is one in Winsted and others going in places like New Hartford, Litchfield, Harwinton and more. It’s a beautiful season to get out with the family or friends and enjoy some local attractions and atmosphere.

Big Weekend in Canton

Don’t forget about the fun weekend this weekend in Canton. Sam Collins day celebrations will be happening throughout the day located in the historic downtown of Collinsville and also at 16 Canton Springs Road, Canton, CT 06019 at the Canton Springs Volunteer Firemen’s Field. There will be plenty of space for parking and transportation between the two locations will be provided. Canton High School is also playing a football game at 2:30 at the High School. So come out and cheer our local football team on. If you want to start early there is a Canton Lions Club Pancake Breakfast from 7-10AM at the Canton Fire Dept’s Ellsworth Hall on Canton Springs Road.

Graffiti at Mills Pond Park

Mills Pond park was tagged with graffiti last weekend. Spray paint was used to write the number 63 in multiple places around the park, as well as other random figures. If you have any information on the graffiti please contact the police department immediately.

It’s disappointing to see such behavior at an otherwise quiet and friendly park. This kind of thing is extremely rare and whoever did this ought to really be ashamed of themselves.

At least learn how to properly spray paint. The figures and shapes sprayed were terrible, with 0 artistic value and barely recognizable. Practice on some plywood or something before you think you can go around tagging things.

Once again if you’ve heard or seen anything that could help police find this person(s) do not hesitate to contact local officials.

Fall is coming

The summer heat and humidity are fading and you can already see tips of trees starting to change their colors. If you live in collinsville or will be visiting soon you are in for a treat. Over the next 6 weeks we are going to again see the brilliant colors of Fall. Fire reds, bright oranges, deep purples, and all shades of browns and greens. Checkout the photos page for some pictures of last year’s Fall and you bet there will be more coming in the upcoming months. Not to mention followups on Sam Collins day as well as the Big Boo. I’m excited for another great season here in beautiful New England.

Chamber of Commerce Celebration

If you hurry you can still catch live music and activities in down town collinsville while learning more about local businesses in what appears to be a celebration put on by the local Chamber of Commerce. I think the sax player is my neighbor actually. They’re pretty good.

Open Mic Night at LaSalle Market

This last Friday we took some friends down to LaSalle’s Market for ice cream and open mic night. You would think that we would have gone to this a long time ago, seeing how we’ve been living here for longer than a year, but our Friday evenings never seem to be open. Our friends just wanted to relax, so we went down and enjoyed some ice cream and some great acoustic music. I highly suggest it, if you’re in the area on a Friday night. If any of you like to play guitar or sing, that is a great place to share your talent and encourage you to participate.

As we were leaving we saw an art & music show setup just outside of Downright Art and Music, if anyone has any information or photos on how that went, I’d love to get it posted. Visit the contact me page and shoot an email if you have any info on it.

Local Business Listings & Information

This week I received an email about adding a local business listing to the Local Businesses Page.  Absolutely.

In fact, I just wanted to post an entry in the blog to say that I will happily post information about your business if it is in the Collinsville or Canton, Connecticut area. This site should be used as a resource for both people who live here and people coming to visit, find information about area and local businesses are a big part of that.

So if there is something incorrect or incomplete on the business listings page, shoot me an email and we’ll get the right information up here.

New Bakery in Town: Bridge Street Bakery

This week was the grand openng for a new bakery in town, Bridge Street Bakery. Located near the Main bridge in Collinsville, it shares a building with the Blumen Laden and lighting store, across the street from The Crown and Hammer and down the street fromthe kayak shop.

As that is on my walk to work, I decided to stop in and check in and check it out. The main baker is primarily a pastry chef, and bakes primarily cookies, tarts, and cakes. Coffee and drinks are also avaiable for purchase.

I discussed with them the possibility of carrying bread products. Icwas told that they probably won’t bake their own bread, but are currently seeking a distributor for such products.

So make sure to stop in and say hello to our newest local business and try a cookie. Oh and if you’re looking for a deal, anything baked from the previous day is only 50 cents.

Canton Town Meetings

Usually I am busy on Wednesday evenings and unable to go to the usual town meetings, but this week I was able to attend and I highly recommend going.

The town meeting was very direct and open. Two measures were passed the night I attended. Schedules and information about the town meetings and other city news can be found at I recommend going there often and highly recommend going to the town meetings. It doesn’t take long, it’s informative, and you can give your vote, opionion, or learn more about what is going on locally.

I realized being there at the meeting that I don’t participate in local government nearly enough. How can we expect our elected officials to govern and support the people, when their constituants do not attend the meetings or make their opinions known otherwise?

Jamboree Fireworks

If you happen to be near the Canton or Collinsville area Friday, June 12th around 9pm, there will be a firework show. There are many places to park and see the show. I’ve heard a great place to view them is at the Hartford commuter bus stop parking lot on Cherrybrook road, at the intersection of 44, Cherrybrook road, near highway 179. I’ll try to get some pictures of the event for those of you who missed it.

Here are some photos of Fireworks at the jamboree, just in case you missed it:

More on New England Sports

My last post was on New England and how wonderful it is to be so close to such major sports teams. I started a blog about our experiences with New England and professional sports at you can find my blog posts directly here. There is information and photos there from our recent adventures at a Yankee game at the new Yankee stadium and several New England Revolution soccer games.

Connecticut, a Great Place for Sports Fans

It seams like any season, in any part of the state, you’ll find a lot of sports fans. From nearby professional teams like the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, or New York Yankees or Giants, to College teams like UConn Basketball, to the local soccer, baseball, or softball teams.

I’ve heard Connecticut described as purple- half Red Sox fans and half Yankees fans. A big part of the excitement about sports stems from the fact there are so many opportunities to see so many professional teams nearby. Collinsville in fact is only 2 hours to Boston, or 2.5 to 3 hours to New York City. In fact, just before I sat down to write this post, I ordered and printed out tickets to the American Professional Soccer team, the New England Revolution. They have a match this Saturday against the Colorado Rapids at the Gillette Stadium in Mass.

With all of the regional sporting opportunities nearby, it’s no wonder that ESPN headquarters are located just 30 minutes away from Collinsville, in Bristol Connecticut.

Professional sports are only the beginning. If you have children or are involved with the community much, you’ll find that there is almost as much excitement and effort put into local sporting events as professional ones. There are numerous opportunities for youth to play on a variety of baseball, basketball, football, or soccer teams.

Poetry Groups

I came across this CT Poet site a couple months ago, but it appears that they’ve recently updated their list of events. One of which is tonight (May 1st, 2009) at open mic night at Lasalle Market in Collinsville.

The list is pretty extensive. So if you’re interested in listening or sharing a little poetry this is a great list of events all over the state of Connecticut.

Seasons, Weather in Collinsville

Weather can play a big role on where you live. I’m confident this post will not be the last about climate or weather around Collinsville Connecticut, but hopefully it can give you a general overview.

If you attended traditional American public schools and read what text or childrens’ books say about weather, you have a good idea of what it’s like in Connecticut. I know that seems a bit overgeneralizing, but trust me on this.

Connecticut has 4 very distinct seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Summer is warm and fairly humid, Fall is cool, comfortable, and there is a clear period where the leaves turn their many colors and fall. Winter temperatures usually hover around the 30’s with a good amount of snow. Early spring is probably the least attractive time in Connecticut, but into late April and May, the trees start to bud and colors start coming back out and everything turns green again.

Pretty much every state in the lower 48 states has their own degree of seasons, but I have found the North Eastern part of the US to be particularly balanced. How you see the weather in CT depends a lot on where you are moving from. If you’re moving from southern California for example you’ll probably find New England to be cooler than what you are used to, if you’re moving from Idaho (as I did) you will find Connecticut more moderate and certainly more humid.

The varied weather does make for a good variety of outdoor activities. Warm summers and Fall make water sports very popular. Water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Adequate snowfall make skiing and snowboarding in the Winter possible.

I’ll eventually put up more information on each season, but this should provide you a general idea. Check out the photos section of the site to see a bit on what these different seasons actually look like. I have a lot of Summer and Winter shots up now, I’ll try to get more Fall and Spring pictures up soon.

April 18th, 2009 Big Fishing

If you were in or around the Collinsville area today, you certainly noticed a lot of action, as fishermen and women took to the river.

The bridge and many streets were ligned with cars and the river was lined with fisherman. I assume this indicates the opening of the season.

Fishing from the bridge in collinsville is quite popular throughout the entire summer. Did you or someone catch anything? Have any details or stories from the day? Feel free to leave any of your fishing tales in the comments section on this post. .

Canton Camera Club

My wife and I both love to do amateur photography. Getting out and taking pictures of the the area has really helped to get us out and exploring and becoming more familiar with our new home.

A couple months ago my wife started looking for ways to improve her photography skills and came across the Canton Camera Club. We attended the January meeting, couldn’t do February, but became members at this latest meeting in March.

It’s a fun group that gets together once a month, they do photo competitions, they talk about photography and hold occasional workshops and outings. There are all levels of photographers, from brand new, to professionals. They work with everything from point and shoot cameras, to film, to DSLR’s and other digital cameras.

The group is occupied by a lot of retired people looking to develop their skills at taking pictures and being social, but the group is growing and includes some younger people as well.

My wife and I are both looking forward to participating in the competitions, try new things, getting feedback, and learning from other great photographers. Plus it’s a fun thing to get out and meet new people, especially if you’re new to the area.

For more about the club you can check out the entry on the Things to Do page, and checkout for more info.

Volunteer Work

Moving to a new area can be difficult for many reasons. Most of the time moving means a new place and new people. Getting to know people can often be challenging and finding a new routine is hard. One thing that really helped my wife and I transition into living in CT, more specifically Collinsville, was by volunteer work.

My wife fell in love with this town almost instantly by serving it. She really loves history and having the Canton Historical Museum just down the road turned out to be quite the blessing and opportunity. She’s volunteered there ever since our first week of living here and absolutely loves it. She’s also found great joy in serving the local association Focus on Canton. You can learn more about that organization at

Volunteering at the Canton Historical Museum was a great way for our family to get to know others in the area, as well as gain a better appreciation of the area by learning its history. We stay up to date on town events mainly through the museum.

There are lots of ways to serve. With a little imagination and a little willingness there are plenty of service opportunities in this area. Do you give service in this area? are you looking for volunteers? feel free to post a response to this post. Maybe we can bring some willing hands some opportunities to serve.

Driving in CT Part 2

First blog post was a little about driving in Connecticut, but i figured it would be helpful on writing a little about what it takes to get things legally in place to drive in Connecticut, like what you need to do to get your CT drivers license.

I just recently went through this experience, so it’s fresh on my mind. The closest DMV office to Collinsville is in Winsted CT, it’s about a 20 minute drive, but from what I hear, it is better than other DMV offices around. Although it may have a better reputation, it is still a DMV office and the experience almost always entails standing in a long, slow-moving line, only to get up to the counter and find out you don’t have the right paperwork or it ends up costing twice as much as you planned.

Here’s a link the Winsted DMV Office.

Getting a new license is pretty easy. You take in your old license, some other forms of ID, and a letter that has your name on it with your new address, they do a quick test on your eyes, take a new picture, pay a the fee and you get a new shiny blue license. Registration your vehicle is a little more work.

You’ll need a couple things before you can register your vehicle with the state of Connecticut. First thing you’ll need is to inform your insurance provider that you are now in CT. They will send you a card to show you are covered for the state of CT. If your insurance provider doesn’t cover driving in CT (like ours did) then you’ll need to get new car insurance. I got a few quotes from online as well as local providers and I got a really great rate through Geico, but of course your situation may vary. Next thing you’ll need is to get an emissions test for your vehicle. I got mine done at the Midas auto shop in Canton. If you’re not directly in the Collinsville/Canton area here’s a list of other places that may work. Give the shop a call and setup an appointment. It usually costs around $15 dollars cash, but after that you’re ready to get your new plates and registration.

Along with the plates and registration, Connecticut has a tax on your vehicle. That tax however varies from city to city. I have yet to have been billed for that tax yet, so when I do get mine, I’ll let you know about how much you can expect.

That about covers getting a CT drivers license and registration. It’s always easier to just get those kinds of technical things out of the way so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. If you make sure to have all of your information ahead of time that will cut down how many trips you’ll have to make to the DMV and reduce the stress of the situation significantly. We spent a lot of time going back and forth because we didn’t have everything just right. Make sure to double check the hours of the DMV so you don’t end up taking trips up there for nothing.

Driving in Connecticut

My wife and I were not familiar with New England when we came to Connecticut. We both spent much more time in the Western states. Driving in New England is different than in the West. Straight roads are hard to come by and trees block most of your view. There is almost always multiple ways to get somewhere and everyone you ask has a different opinion on which way is faster. At first it was difficult to navigate the curvy paths and we were never 100% sure of where we were going. After becoming used to it however, I really enjoy driving here.

The first thing we noticed were the trees and beautiful landscape. I was somewhat familiar with similar conditions, as I have driven some around the Oregon and Washington coast. What you won’t find here are long straight freeways, like most of the West.

Surrounding states such as Massachusetts and New York have a lot of turnpikes (tollways), toll bridges, and toll roads. Connecticut does not currently have tollways, although taxes and fees involving vehicles are more expensive comparably to surrounding states. So make sure you have plenty of cash in the car if you plan on traveling through these areas or if you really want to make your travel easy, get an EZ Pass. That will get you through toll ways much quicker and cheaper.

If you’re not familiar with the area, I recommend getting a GPS. Our Garmin was probably one of the best couple hundred dollars I’ve ever spent. Well worth the time, stress, and frustration you’ll have without one. We lived by ours and took it everywhere we went for the first few months of living here.

What’s great about the North East is there are sometimes more options than just transportation by car. Depending on where you live, there can be public transportation alternatives. My family and I take the train occasionally, especially when going into the bigger cities such as Boston or NYC. I’ll write more about Metro-North and public transit in a later post.

Living out of a Hotel

Rather than spending the money & time to do a house hunting trip we just moved out here and figured we would live out of a hotel as we found place to live. I’ve met a lot of people here that have done the same. Although it did work out, I think I can pass along some good tips and info on temporary housing in this area.

I understand a lot of companies setup temporary housing and a lot of people don’t have a choice. Some companies, such as the one I work for, gives the employee the responsibility to find their own housing/temporary housing with reimbursement. When we first pulled into Canton we had a hard time finding a hotel. First tip I would give is to at least book a few days ahead of time. It’s very stressful to get into town, only to hear that all of the hotels are full. Which they were in our case. We had to drive 25 minutes before we found a hotel with vacancy. It was a Hilton near Bradley Airport, North of Hartford. It was actually a pretty nice hotel, but was a little distant to where we needed to be looking. Plus we only had one car at the time, which left my wife and son stuck at the hotel.

We stayed at that hotel for a couple days as we searched. We arrived mid-month, which made looking for an apartment a little difficult. Almost everywhere we went there were apartments available, but not until the beginning of the next month. So that’s my next tip, if you can adjust your scheduling to get there right before new month you’ll probably find it easier to get into a contract or renting. Of course if you’re looking for a house it will depend on what’s available at the time.

We stayed at the Avon Old Farms Inn for about two weeks before we got into our apartment. The rooms were ok, but was difficult to live that amount of time, because they were basically just hotel rooms. I know the Marriott Residence Inn in Avon has more amenities for longer stays, such as kitchenettes. That’s really worth it if you’re doing anything like a week or more. Lets face it McDonalds doesn’t taste that good after a day or two.

Hotels in the area are relatively expensive. Expect to spend over a hundred dollars a night. If you know how long you are going to stay, ask the hotels for longer stay rates. Sometimes it helps if the business you will be working for calls. I know in our case the hotel told us there was no longer stay discount, but they did offer a discount when my work made the arrangements.

Depending on when you are coming of course and what particular area you moving to, we found prices for apartments to be about $800-$1,200 a month, depending on location, condition, and details. Condo’s start around $120,000 and go up. Most single-family homes in the Canton area start around $200,000. We chose to rent a unit in a multi-family home. It’s a popular method here and includes many advantages of having a home, as apposed to an apartment complex.

We are renting now but will be looking to buy in the coming months. So I’ll have more information and posts about buying a house in Connecticut in the future.

Jobs in the Area

Chances are if you’re looking at this blog and curious on moving to the Canton/Collinsville area you’ve already lined up a job. I found my job here through posting my resume on but since then I have discovered a lot of different ways people find themselves coming this direction.

Being so close to Hartford a lot of people move here to work for companies in the Hartford area.The Hartford is a large investment insurance company that provides a lot of employment for people in the area. ESPN headquarters are about a 30 minute drive away, and a lot of people commute there.

There are of course a whole host of shops and services in the immediate area. Department stores, gas stations, restaurants, automobile dealerships, and there is an abundant supply of new and start-up businesses. With its close proximity to larger cities such as Boston and New York, yet comfortable home-town-feel, the area is actually a great place for small and new businesses.

If you’re looking for a new place to work, I suggest posting your resume’s on sites such as craigslist and other local job searching sites. Do some research on the area you want to live or line of work you would like to do. Take a trip, come out and visit some of these areas and get to know the businesses personally.

Seeing is believing

About the first thing we did when trying to find out about Collinsville, CT was looking it up in Google maps. We weren’t as familiar with our Connecticut geography as we should have been, so we wanted to see where it was in the state and what other things were around it.

View Larger Map

We discovered that it’s about a 25 minute drive West of Hartford. We learned that Collinsville is actually a town in the city of Canton. Some surrounding cities include Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, Burlington, New Hartford, Winsted, Bristol, West Hartford, and Torrington. There are many other smaller towns and townships around. If you’re not familiar with Connecticut, there are tons of cities and small towns. What’s fun about that is that each town has a lot of individuality and the feel of the town can be quite different than the next. If you’re planning on moving to the area I really recommend you come out and stay a while in temporary housing, a hotel, or consider renting for a time. That will give you some time to discover which areas are right for you. Another great part of the location of Collinsville is their proximity to major cities such as Hartford, Boston, and New York City. It’s about 2 and half hours to either Boston or NYC.

So along with Google Maps or Google Earth, we looked for as many photos as we could find of the area. We want to really see where we were moving too. I found a few photos here and there, but not really enough to satisfy our curiosity, that’s why I set up a special photos page. My wife and I both really love photography and we’ve tried our best to get some shots that really represent the lifestyle and the town. We will be adding more occasionally as seasons and events continue. Seeing is believing. It’s really a great place.

Moving to Connecticut

Last year my wife and I moved from Southeastern Idaho to the Collinsville, Connecticut area. Naturally when we learned that we were moving, we went straight to the internet looking for anything to help us in our move. We searched website after website, looking for pictures and information that would teach us about our new home and maybe help the move go a little smoother. There were a few helpful websites, but overall there just wasn’t the details that we were looking for.

After living here for nearly a year, I’ve decided to pass along some of the great things we learned and experienced. I imagine that many of you who are on this site are looking for more information about Collinsville and the surrounding areas. Whether it be because you are moving here or if you plan on just visiting, I hope the information in this blog and website will be helpful to you in some way.

My wife and I absolutely love it here. It is a great place to live or visit and we are excited to share some of great things. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us by going to our contact page and filling out the form or just leave a reply to the post.