Collinsville Big Boo 2009

Saturday Oct. 31st, 2009

Summer is beginning to cool and people are looking forward to all of the many wonderful Fall activities in the area. Which of course includes the much anticipated Big Boo and Halloween Parade. The Big Boo will take place on Halloween this year with kid activities starting at 6pm and the Halloween parade starting at 7pm. For a little write-up and some pictures on last year’s event you can checkout the article written about it in the Yankee Magazine. For some information and photos from previous years you can find out more here.

2009 Photos

If you have any photos of the event and would like them posted send me an email via the contact page and I’ll get in touch with you. Thank you for those of you who have already expressed interest in doing so. For some 2008 photos checkout the photo gallery page.

7 Responses to “Collinsville Big Boo 2009”

  1. avatar The Clueless Gang says:

    We saw the article in Yankee Magazine about the Big BOO. We live in a very small rural town in Pennsylvania, a place where Halloween is not truly celebrated. So, we decided to make the trek to Collinsville for the BIG BOO Halloween Parade. We’re excited, but totally “clueless,” as well. Any advice for us?

    Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Ms. White, Colonel Mustard, and Miss Scarlet

  2. avatar Bryan says:

    Welcome to Collinsville. I hope the festivities tonight are up to its reputation. This morning we were getting a little bit of rain but I think things are clearing up for the evening.

  3. avatar Tom Heiden says:

    My wife and I made our first trip to Collinsville for the Halloween parade (read about it in Yankee magazine). We had a great time and plan to retunr next year. When are you going to post the pictures?

  4. avatar Bryan says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. We had a great time too. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but better than last year and the turnout was more this year compared to last.

    I’ll make an effort to get the pictures up this evening. If you or anyone else has more pictures of the Big Boo and want to share them, I’d love to post them on the site. Just send me an email from the contact page and I’ll respond with the email address to send them to.

  5. avatar Tom Heiden says:

    I have pictures of us in the costumes we wore, but they were taken in our home and not on location.

  6. avatar Jane says:

    We went to the parade this year and it was packed! We go every year, rain or shine. The Collinsville Halloween Parade is the highlight of the fall for our family. We some great photos at the event, and I’d like to send the photos to the “Big Boo” website. How can I get the photos over to them?

  7. avatar Bryan says:

    I’d start by emailing them at although I noticed they haven’t updated their pictures since 2007. My wife was only able to snap a handful before it got too dark and wet, so if you have any and would be willing to share them I’d love to be able to post them here too.

    It’s certainly a highlight for our family as well. The town does a great job of getting into the holiday spirit like that. The costumes were the best in my opinion.

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