Connecticut, a Great Place for Sports Fans

It seams like any season, in any part of the state, you’ll find a lot of sports fans. From nearby professional teams like the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, or New York Yankees or Giants, to College teams like UConn Basketball, to the local soccer, baseball, or softball teams.

I’ve heard Connecticut described as purple- half Red Sox fans and half Yankees fans. A big part of the excitement about sports stems from the fact there are so many opportunities to see so many professional teams nearby. Collinsville in fact is only 2 hours to Boston, or 2.5 to 3 hours to New York City. In fact, just before I sat down to write this post, I ordered and printed out tickets to the American Professional Soccer team, the New England Revolution. They have a match this Saturday against the Colorado Rapids at the Gillette Stadium in Mass.

With all of the regional sporting opportunities nearby, it’s no wonder that ESPN headquarters are located just 30 minutes away from Collinsville, in Bristol Connecticut.

Professional sports are only the beginning. If you have children or are involved with the community much, you’ll find that there is almost as much excitement and effort put into local sporting events as professional ones. There are numerous opportunities for youth to play on a variety of baseball, basketball, football, or soccer teams.

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