CT Alert Emergency Notification System

Sign Up for State Emergency Alerts
In light of the recent severe weather and tornado warnings in Connecticut this summer, I wanted to encourage residents to sign up for the CT Alert Emergency Notification System. CT Alert ENS allows state and local officials to help protect lives and property by providing critical information to residents during emergencies, including dangerous situations related to schools or an emergency weather alert like a tornado warning.

In emergency situations, reaction time is precious. The more reaction time, the better our chances of escaping harm.

When activated, state and local emergency personnel to quickly send out an emergency alert to people in the affected area. Depending on the emergency, the alert may be sent to an entire town, part of a town, a group of towns, or a large area of the state.
This service is provided free of charge.

Some people don’t always have on a TV or radio during the day but they do usually find themselves near a telephone of some sort. If that describes you, then this system would give you the earliest alert in the rare case of a potential life-threatening situation.

To sign up or to learn more about the program you can visit You can choose to add a land-line, e-mail, text messaging and other instant messaging as a means of receiving alerts.

The CT Alert ENS a great tool. It’s an easy way to add a level of protection and peace of mind.

If you have questions or would like more information about state government, visit my website or call my office at 1-800-842-1423.


Tim LeGeyt
Representing Avon and Canton

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    Please add me to the alert list

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