Driving in CT Part 2

First blog post was a little about driving in Connecticut, but i figured it would be helpful on writing a little about what it takes to get things legally in place to drive in Connecticut, like what you need to do to get your CT drivers license.

I just recently went through this experience, so it’s fresh on my mind. The closest DMV office to Collinsville is in Winsted CT, it’s about a 20 minute drive, but from what I hear, it is better than other DMV offices around. Although it may have a better reputation, it is still a DMV office and the experience almost always entails standing in a long, slow-moving line, only to get up to the counter and find out you don’t have the right paperwork or it ends up costing twice as much as you planned.

Here’s a link the Winsted DMV Office.

Getting a new license is pretty easy. You take in your old license, some other forms of ID, and a letter that has your name on it with your new address, they do a quick test on your eyes, take a new picture, pay a the fee and you get a new shiny blue license. Registration your vehicle is a little more work.

You’ll need a couple things before you can register your vehicle with the state of Connecticut. First thing you’ll need is to inform your insurance provider that you are now in CT. They will send you a card to show you are covered for the state of CT. If your insurance provider doesn’t cover driving in CT (like ours did) then you’ll need to get new car insurance. I got a few quotes from online as well as local providers and I got a really great rate through Geico, but of course your situation may vary. Next thing you’ll need is to get an emissions test for your vehicle. I got mine done at the Midas auto shop in Canton. If you’re not directly in the Collinsville/Canton area here’s a list of other places that may work. Give the shop a call and setup an appointment. It usually costs around $15 dollars cash, but after that you’re ready to get your new plates and registration.

Along with the plates and registration, Connecticut has a tax on your vehicle. That tax however varies from city to city. I have yet to have been billed for that tax yet, so when I do get mine, I’ll let you know about how much you can expect.

That about covers getting a CT drivers license and registration. It’s always easier to just get those kinds of technical things out of the way so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. If you make sure to have all of your information ahead of time that will cut down how many trips you’ll have to make to the DMV and reduce the stress of the situation significantly. We spent a lot of time going back and forth because we didn’t have everything just right. Make sure to double check the hours of the DMV so you don’t end up taking trips up there for nothing.

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