Graffiti at Mills Pond Park

Mills Pond park was tagged with graffiti last weekend. Spray paint was used to write the number 63 in multiple places around the park, as well as other random figures. If you have any information on the graffiti please contact the police department immediately.

It’s disappointing to see such behavior at an otherwise quiet and friendly park. This kind of thing is extremely rare and whoever did this ought to really be ashamed of themselves.

At least learn how to properly spray paint. The figures and shapes sprayed were terrible, with 0 artistic value and barely recognizable. Practice on some plywood or something before you think you can go around tagging things.

Once again if you’ve heard or seen anything that could help police find this person(s) do not hesitate to contact local officials.

6 Responses to “Graffiti at Mills Pond Park”

  1. avatar Joel says:

    I agree. Who does this?

    Fact is, whoever it was probably wasn’t thinking maliciously… I bet they weren’t thinking, “I am want to tick community members off… I know! I go vandalize!” They are probably bored, misdirected kids.

    Regardless, the result is still the same.

    This makes me want to be a better parent : )

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  3. avatar Jane says:

    I hate this sort of thing. A few weeks ago some kids went on a rampage spray painting the number 10 in red paint on all the street signs around the high school. Then they smashed my neighbor’s mailbox and painted what was left of it with the same red paint. We live on Dyer Avenue and we’ve had our own mailbox smashed twice in three years.

  4. avatar Bryan says:

    I saw that on Dyer Ave. It makes me really sad and angry to see this sort of thing. Especially in such a great community.

    Do you know any more details about it? I assume it’s a high school rivalry thing, with the bulk of the action happening around that area.

  5. avatar pat says:

    maybe the community leaders should start an art course at one of the schools to fine tune the talent of the phantom graffitites.

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