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The Citizen’s Energy (Joe 4 Oil) program can provide a free oil or kerosene delivery of up to 100 gallons for eligible households.  As their income guideline limit is 60% of state median income, IF YOU RECEIVED ENERGY ASSISTANCE THROUGH SENIOR/SOCIAL SERVICES and heat your home with oil or kerosene your household should be eligible.  Here are some program procedures:

1.       Household must call for an application to 1-877-563-4645 (toll free and very busy) or 1-617-338-6300 (not a toll free number)

On line applications are not being accepted.

Operator will ask for the following information: (name, address, phone #, # persons in household, ages of children in household, reason for applying, name of your fuel vendor}

2.       Application is then mailed to customer along with an income verification survey which must be signed by customer.  Forms are then to be returned to Citizen’s Energy.

3    Citizen’s Energy will then review paperwork.  If household is eligible, they will receive a voucher in mail authorizing household to notify vendor of their voucher to receive a free one time fuel delivery of up to 100 free gallons. 

4.   Please note: When vendor delivers and tank will not support a full 100 gallons, vendor will not return to make another delivery for the difference.  It is to be a one time delivery of up to 100 free gallons. 

However, this is not a quick turnaround program.  The entire process may take up to several weeks to receive application in mail, return to Citizen’s and then receive voucher for delivery.

If you anticipate needing oil or kerosene delivery within the next few weeks and will have trouble paying, please START THE PROCESS NOW.
Claire M. Cote, MSW
Senior & Social Services Coordinator
         Town of Canton
40 Dyer Avenue, P.O. Box 168
Collinsville, Ct 06022
(phone) 860-693-5811 x165
(fax) 860-693-5835

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