Living out of a Hotel

Rather than spending the money & time to do a house hunting trip we just moved out here and figured we would live out of a hotel as we found place to live. I’ve met a lot of people here that have done the same. Although it did work out, I think I can pass along some good tips and info on temporary housing in this area.

I understand a lot of companies setup temporary housing and a lot of people don’t have a choice. Some companies, such as the one I work for, gives the employee the responsibility to find their own housing/temporary housing with reimbursement. When we first pulled into Canton we had a hard time finding a hotel. First tip I would give is to at least book a few days ahead of time. It’s very stressful to get into town, only to hear that all of the hotels are full. Which they were in our case. We had to drive 25 minutes before we found a hotel with vacancy. It was a Hilton near Bradley Airport, North of Hartford. It was actually a pretty nice hotel, but was a little distant to where we needed to be looking. Plus we only had one car at the time, which left my wife and son stuck at the hotel.

We stayed at that hotel for a couple days as we searched. We arrived mid-month, which made looking for an apartment a little difficult. Almost everywhere we went there were apartments available, but not until the beginning of the next month. So that’s my next tip, if you can adjust your scheduling to get there right before new month you’ll probably find it easier to get into a contract or renting. Of course if you’re looking for a house it will depend on what’s available at the time.

We stayed at the Avon Old Farms Inn for about two weeks before we got into our apartment. The rooms were ok, but was difficult to live that amount of time, because they were basically just hotel rooms. I know the Marriott Residence Inn in Avon has more amenities for longer stays, such as kitchenettes. That’s really worth it if you’re doing anything like a week or more. Lets face it McDonalds doesn’t taste that good after a day or two.

Hotels in the area are relatively expensive. Expect to spend over a hundred dollars a night. If you know how long you are going to stay, ask the hotels for longer stay rates. Sometimes it helps if the business you will be working for calls. I know in our case the hotel told us there was no longer stay discount, but they did offer a discount when my work made the arrangements.

Depending on when you are coming of course and what particular area you moving to, we found prices for apartments to be about $800-$1,200 a month, depending on location, condition, and details. Condo’s start around $120,000 and go up. Most single-family homes in the Canton area start around $200,000. We chose to rent a unit in a multi-family home. It’s a popular method here and includes many advantages of having a home, as apposed to an apartment complex.

We are renting now but will be looking to buy in the coming months. So I’ll have more information and posts about buying a house in Connecticut in the future.

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