Memorial Day Parade

This year our family had the pleasure of going to Canton’s Memorial Day Parade. The Parade started at 10am near the Canton Intermediate School and traveled down through Collinsville and ended with a special Memorial Day ceremony. We met with friends along the parade route. My wife left our nice camera at home, so I’m afraid I had to document the experience with my cell phone. If you have any pictures of the event and would like/allow me to post them on the site contact me via the contact form on the contact page.

Memorial weekend was beautiful and the festivities I felt were a great reminder of how great our city is and a remembrance of the sacrifice given by so many in order to have it such a great place. Surely it was a day and time to remember fallen military, but also a day to celebrate public service members like firemen and women and a time to recognize volunteers local leaders who dedicate so much time to the youth and more in our community.

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