Missing Barn Owl

Canton Raptor Care on Bunker Hill Rd, is searching for their missing Barn Owl named Luna. Luna is an educational birds and imprint, which means she can not be released and would not be able to survive in the wild or find food and hunt. She is also very shy and spooks easily.

If you see or know any details about Luna’s whereabouts please contact Teresa Kramer at Canton Raptor Care 860-693-6255.

Several groups have been notified, flyers have been sent out, volunteers have hiked, stayed up for several nights, and also sent emails, online alerts and Facebook info. So please if you have any information regarding the missing owl or see the owl please contact the number above.

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  1. avatar Helen Prestigomo says:


    I am not sure if this is your owl, but we did see an owl in our front yard yesterday.
    Tonight I heard an owl in our back yard, not a hooting sound more like a cry.
    I recently saw your flyer. Again I am not sure. but I thought I would write just in case.

  2. avatar Steve says:

    i trying every way I know to contact you about (possibly) Luna,,
    I have heard a “different” sound across the street up in a tree,,, it sounds like it “might” be a barn owl ‘twitter”?????

    Check you e-mail for phone number,,

  3. avatar Teresa Kramer says:

    Hello folks! Thank you for helping us locate Luna. The best way to contact me if you think you may have spotted Luna is through the clinic number. 860-693-6255. After the birds at the center are fed and cared for I am out looking in areas with good ID. I check the clinic phone and the Facebook site regularly. Getting an owl back presents many challenges not the least is Luna is a great flyer, can catch food and can move far after any initial siting. On top of that she is nocturnal so I am sleeping outside and also sitting and patiently calling. The more reliable calls are ones that suggest a pattern in her behavior. It seems as though she is trying to find her home. She is landing on decks, or flying to large windows. Many calls have come from north canton and barkhamsted. Calls from Simsbury have been barred owls which cam also make very peculiar vocalizations. If you think you see her the best thing is to try to take a puc on your camera phone withou disturbing her and email it to Then call the clinic. Thank you for your help, we just want her safe and home. We are praying she is in a dry place and safe in this storm. Please stay safe all you wonderful owl watchers!!!! Thank you for your support. Teresa

  4. avatar Robert Bizzarro says:

    Did you ever find Luna?

  5. avatar Nicholas says:

    I saw a owl recently in between morgan drive and east mountain road on cherry brook road. It was 1-2 weeks prior to 2/11/2015.

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