Moving to Connecticut

Last year my wife and I moved from Southeastern Idaho to the Collinsville, Connecticut area. Naturally when we learned that we were moving, we went straight to the internet looking for anything to help us in our move. We searched website after website, looking for pictures and information that would teach us about our new home and maybe help the move go a little smoother. There were a few helpful websites, but overall there just wasn’t the details that we were looking for.

After living here for nearly a year, I’ve decided to pass along some of the great things we learned and experienced. I imagine that many of you who are on this site are looking for more information about Collinsville and the surrounding areas. Whether it be because you are moving here or if you plan on just visiting, I hope the information in this blog and website will be helpful to you in some way.

My wife and I absolutely love it here. It is a great place to live or visit and we are excited to share some of great things. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us by going to our contact page and filling out the form or just leave a reply to the post.

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