Open Mic Night at LaSalle Market

This last Friday we took some friends down to LaSalle’s Market for ice cream and open mic night. You would think that we would have gone to this a long time ago, seeing how we’ve been living here for longer than a year, but our Friday evenings never seem to be open. Our friends just wanted to relax, so we went down and enjoyed some ice cream and some great acoustic music. I highly suggest it, if you’re in the area on a Friday night. If any of you like to play guitar or sing, that is a great place to share your talent and encourage you to participate.

As we were leaving we saw an art & music show setup just outside of Downright Art and Music, if anyone has any information or photos on how that went, I’d love to get it posted. Visit the contact me page and shoot an email if you have any info on it.

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  1. avatar Jane says:

    Open mike nite at LaSalle Market is a lot of fun.

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