Reminder to Canton Residents to lock their cars.

The Canton Police Department has been receiving complaints over the past few weeks of vehicles being broken into.  These break-ins have been occurring in both residential neighborhoods and business parking lots.   The police department is urging the community not to leave valuables in their vehicle while it is unattended.  These valuables include purses, wallets, GPS units, cell phones and I Pods.  Vehicles should be locked at all times and if possible, parked in a well lit area. Canton residents are urged to contact the Police Department if they observe any suspicious behavior. 

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One Response to “Reminder to Canton Residents to lock their cars.”

  1. avatar sk8erbryan says:

    Adding my voice to this one. Please lock your doors. Our GPS was taken out of our car two nights ago. It was really old so we are not too put out by it and luckily we had nothing else of value. I talked with the police and they mentioned that it has been happening a lot. They caught someone doing it last week and put them in jail but obviously there is someone still out there. If you see anything suspicious or know anything about this please talk to authorities.

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