Save Collinsville Trees Meeting with Urban Forester Chris Donnelly


Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 7p.m.

Room F Library/Community Center

40 Dyer Avenue

Canton, CT 06019

Collinsville is losing trees.  As years pass, the giants we’ve taken for granted along roadsides and in yards are succumbing to disease and becoming brittle with age.  Many must come down for public safety reasons.  Large limbs have crashed through house roofs, crushed porches and taken down power lines.  In the next few years more trees will face the chain saw.

Trees have been an integral part of the village’s charm ever since Samuel Collins planted elms along newly formed streets in the 1840s.  A 1926 Collins Company publication boasted of “streets shaded with beautiful trees.”  While visiting over a decade ago, Connecticut big tree expert Ed Richardson marveled at Collinsville’s sylvan variety. But Collinsville’s trees are not only beautiful, they support property values, help cool our homes in summer, and provide habitat for birds and other creatures.

The public is invited and encouraged to come and hear Department of Environmental Protection Urban Forester Chris Donnelly talk about how we can sustain Collinsville’s tree population through good planning.  He’ll talk about inventories, pruning and planting as well as grant opportunities to help ensure Collinsville’s trees flourish for generations to come.

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