Seasons, Weather in Collinsville

Weather can play a big role on where you live. I’m confident this post will not be the last about climate or weather around Collinsville Connecticut, but hopefully it can give you a general overview.

If you attended traditional American public schools and read what text or childrens’ books say about weather, you have a good idea of what it’s like in Connecticut. I know that seems a bit overgeneralizing, but trust me on this.

Connecticut has 4 very distinct seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Summer is warm and fairly humid, Fall is cool, comfortable, and there is a clear period where the leaves turn their many colors and fall. Winter temperatures usually hover around the 30’s with a good amount of snow. Early spring is probably the least attractive time in Connecticut, but into late April and May, the trees start to bud and colors start coming back out and everything turns green again.

Pretty much every state in the lower 48 states has their own degree of seasons, but I have found the North Eastern part of the US to be particularly balanced. How you see the weather in CT depends a lot on where you are moving from. If you’re moving from southern California for example you’ll probably find New England to be cooler than what you are used to, if you’re moving from Idaho (as I did) you will find Connecticut more moderate and certainly more humid.

The varied weather does make for a good variety of outdoor activities. Warm summers and Fall make water sports very popular. Water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Adequate snowfall make skiing and snowboarding in the Winter possible.

I’ll eventually put up more information on each season, but this should provide you a general idea. Check out the photos section of the site to see a bit on what these different seasons actually look like. I have a lot of Summer and Winter shots up now, I’ll try to get more Fall and Spring pictures up soon.

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