Seeing is believing

About the first thing we did when trying to find out about Collinsville, CT was looking it up in Google maps. We weren’t as familiar with our Connecticut geography as we should have been, so we wanted to see where it was in the state and what other things were around it.

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We discovered that it’s about a 25 minute drive West of Hartford. We learned that Collinsville is actually a town in the city of Canton. Some surrounding cities include Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, Burlington, New Hartford, Winsted, Bristol, West Hartford, and Torrington. There are many other smaller towns and townships around. If you’re not familiar with Connecticut, there are tons of cities and small towns. What’s fun about that is that each town has a lot of individuality and the feel of the town can be quite different than the next. If you’re planning on moving to the area I really recommend you come out and stay a while in temporary housing, a hotel, or consider renting for a time. That will give you some time to discover which areas are right for you. Another great part of the location of Collinsville is their proximity to major cities such as Hartford, Boston, and New York City. It’s about 2 and half hours to either Boston or NYC.

So along with Google Maps or Google Earth, we looked for as many photos as we could find of the area. We want to really see where we were moving too. I found a few photos here and there, but not really enough to satisfy our curiosity, that’s why I set up a special photos page. My wife and I both really love photography and we’ve tried our best to get some shots that really represent the lifestyle and the town. We will be adding more occasionally as seasons and events continue. Seeing is believing. It’s really a great place.

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