Special Town Meeting Tonight

A Special Town Meeting will be held TONIGHT (7pm at the Canton High School Auditorium) and adjourned to a Referendum on February 10, 2010, regarding the purchase of property at 5 Cherry Brook Road

Click HERE for the legal notice

Click HERE for the minutes of the Annual Town Meeting (held on 1/20/10) which addressed the same issue

Click HERE for Weston & Sampson Engineer presentation from the Annual Town Meeting

Click HERE for Weston & Sampson Engineer Update Report (dated December 2007)

Click HERE for Weston & Sampson Engineer (condensed) Final Report (dated May 2009)
(please note that the complete report is a very large electronic file and is unable to be linked to this site)

The complete text of the Final Report of Weston & Sampson Engineer is available for public inspection at both the Town Clerk’s office and the Library

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  1. avatar Bryan says:

    Please if anyone has any comments on this I would love to hear them. I’ve wanted to go to the meetings that they have held, but previous engagements have gotten in the way of that each time. I’ve read through the information provided, but I’d love to know what some of the other people in Canton think about this.

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