Spring in Canton

I’ve written a good bit about the seasons here in Connecticut, but I have yet to write anything about Spring. The weather and seasons were a big part of the reason why my wife and I were so interested in this part of the country and Connecticut is (as well as surrounding states of course) are known for their 4 distinct seasons. Winters have plenty of snow with temperatures in the 10’s to 30’s, Spring is rainy with 40 – 60 degree weather with blooming trees and flowers everywhere you look, Summer is warm and humid and green, and of course Fall is arguably the best season with moderate temperatures, low humidity, and Fall colors all around.

In fact given the 4 separate seasons here, Spring is often the least favorite among locals. The rain seems almost constant, the landscape looses its blanket of snow to expose all of the leafless trees and in the time before they grow back it looks pretty barren. But in time the colors return. First in a beautiful variety in the form of flowers and blooming tree blossoms. That color is usually shed to be replaced by a lush green. Despite it being one of the least favorite of the 4, Spring here in my opinion is still gorgeous.

The colors of blooming spring are gorgeous. Temperatures aren’t overly high. Usually ranging in the mid 40’s to 60’s. It may feel a little chilly, but when you compare it to a lot of the rest of the country at that time it’s not bad at all. In fact any time I feel a little bad about the weather here in Canton / Collinsville I look at the weather report from where we used to live in Idaho. When it’s raining here, it’s snowing still in Idaho (yes it snowed in Idaho last week) and when it’s 45 degrees here, it’s 30 or below there.

I’ve heard of people moving from California to Connecticut complain about the weather, so I suppose the experience is relative, but let’s face it you can’t compare southern California to anywhere else in the country  other than maybe Hawaii.

Another great thing about Spring is that as it warms up all of the Spring baseball and sports leagues start up again and parks and yards are filled with kids playing and fun. It’s a great time to go for a run, bike-ride, or drive to see and take in all of the beautiful sites, smells, and sounds.

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