The River


Many visitors come to the Collinsville area for river activities and fun. The Farmington River Reservoir creates almost the perfect atmosphere to learn how to kayak or canoe. Take in the beautiful peaceful scenery as you paddle up and down the river.

Don’t have the equipment? Don’t worry. There are plenty of places to rent or buy equipment necessary. Collinsville Kayak and Canoe ( for example, offers lessons, rentals, and purchasing equipment located right on the river right in Collinsville. There are several other shops if you travel north along the river, as well as in neighboring cities like Canton and Avon, if you’re in need for more equipment.

Another fun summer activity on the river is tubing. A little North of Collinsville is the Satan’s Kingdom State Recreational Area in New Hartford. It’s a great place to launch from. There are enough rapids and areas to keep it interesting, but calm enough to make the experience fun for everyone. Need to rent inner tubes or need a ride back to your car? Farmington River Tubing is right there (

Last summer I experienced the river myself as I went canoeing for the first time. This river was the perfect place to learn. It didn’t take long before I felt comfortable on the river and was enjoying view as I paddled up and down from Satan’s Kingdom launch point to Town Bridge Road.

The Farmington River Coordinating Committee has a site with some great resources about the area’s rivers. My personal favorite is the interactive map.

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