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Hiking, fishing, canoeing, cycling, photography and more is available in the Collinsville area. This page is still under construction, so make sure to come back and see all of the great things Collinsville has to offer.

Saturday Night at the Movies: Collinsville!

Saturday Night at the Movies: Collinsville! July 18, 2009 10 Front Street Dusk (8:30) "Raising Arizona"  pg-13

Saturday Night at the Movies: Collinsville! July 18, 2009 10 Front Street Dusk (8:30) "Raising Arizona" pg-13

Saturday Night at the Movies: Collinsville! July 18, 2009 10 Front Street Dusk (8:30) “Raising Arizona” pg-13

Saturday Night at the Movies: Collinsville! July 11, 2009 10 Front Street Dusk (8:30) “Tremors” pg-13

10 Front Street is located directly across the street from Lasalle Market and Canton Historical Museum. There is a small parking lot behind the building where the movies will be projected.

Children Storytime at the Canton Museum

Children Story time at the Canton Musueum

Children Story time at the Canton Musueum

Canton Historical Museum is now holding a children storytime 11AM every Tuesday from now until further notice.

Free Movie Nights at The Shoppes at Farmington Valley

From June 27th to August 5th (except for the 4th of July) a free outdoor movie will be available at The Shoppes at Farmington Valley. Pre-show entertainment starts at 6PM and the film starts at dusk.

Directions: Route 44 Canton , CT

Contact: 860-693-3059

Date Movie
June 27 Kung Fu Panda – PG
July 11 Madagascar 2 – PG
July 18 Casablanca – NR
July 25 The Dark Knight- PG13
August 1 Iron Man – PG13
August 8 Mamma Mia – PG13
August 15 High School Musical 3 – PG
August 22 Cars – G
August 29 Bedtime Stories – PG
September 5 Wall E – G

For more information:

Download a pdf schedule

The River


Many visitors come to the Collinsville area for river activities and fun. The Farmington River Reservoir creates almost the perfect atmosphere to learn how to kayak or canoe. Take in the beautiful peaceful scenery as you paddle up and down the river.

Don’t have the equipment? Don’t worry. There are plenty of places to rent or buy equipment necessary. Collinsville Kayak and Canoe ( for example, offers lessons, rentals, and purchasing equipment located right on the river right in Collinsville. There are several other shops if you travel north along the river, as well as in neighboring cities like Canton and Avon, if you’re in need for more equipment.

Another fun summer activity on the river is tubing. A little North of Collinsville is the Satan’s Kingdom State Recreational Area in New Hartford. It’s a great place to launch from. There are enough rapids and areas to keep it interesting, but calm enough to make the experience fun for everyone. Need to rent inner tubes or need a ride back to your car? Farmington River Tubing is right there (

Last summer I experienced the river myself as I went canoeing for the first time. This river was the perfect place to learn. It didn’t take long before I felt comfortable on the river and was enjoying view as I paddled up and down from Satan’s Kingdom launch point to Town Bridge Road.

Canton Historical Museum

The Canton Historical Museum is a great way to learn more about the area. Whether you are visiting, passing through, or have lived here your whole life, there is always more to learn about this great and unique area. The museum focuses mostly on the history of the Collins Ax Factory and the role it played in developing the city and life around it. Hear from experienced guides the stories and history. For more on exhibits, hours, and general information about the museum check out

Walking/Running/Biking Trails

There are a lot of little cities and towns in the Farmington Connecticut Valley, but what brings many people to visit the area is actually what connects them together. The Farmington Valley Greenway, sometimes referred to as Rails to Trails by some, or simply called ‘the trails’, offer miles of scenic beauty and a chance to keep yourself physically fit.

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall months the trails are ideal for running, biking, and walking. In the Winter many of the same trails are used for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The trails also attract many photographers because of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife photography opportunities.

Most of the trails are paved, occasionally there will be sections unpaved or along a road, and there are occasional benches and parking lots to stop, rest, or look around.

The trails extend through many towns and Collinsville is a popular and great place to start. A parking lot near the Collinsville Ax factory building is a great place to park. After you experience the trail, it’s right close to The Crown and Hammer Pub or Lasalles for a bite to eat, or near a handful of art and antique shoppes. For more on the trails make sure to check out the blog section frequently. There will be posts and updates occasionally about the trails.

Download PDF map of local trails

For more information on the Farmington Valley Greenway checkout

Canton Camera Club / Photography

Collinsville is a beautiful area and attracts lots of hobby and professional photographers. The beautiful nature trails, bridges, and buildings make for an excellent for interesting pictures or stunning backdrops.

If you live in the area, there is a great resource to help local aspiring photographers. The Canton Camera Club meets the 3rd Tuesday each month in the Harwinton Public Library. It’s a great way to get out and get to know and learn from other photographers. Become a member and take part in their monthly competitions and special photography events and outings.

For more information on the Canton Camera Club you can check out their website

Make sure to check out our gallery. There you can see just some examples of the great places and things to photograph in the Collinsville area. For more personal comments and experiences with the camera club, checkout the Canton Camera Club blog post.