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Moving to a new area can be difficult for many reasons. Most of the time moving means a new place and new people. Getting to know people can often be challenging and finding a new routine is hard. One thing that really helped my wife and I transition into living in CT, more specifically Collinsville, was by volunteer work.

My wife fell in love with this town almost instantly by serving it. She really loves history and having the Canton Historical Museum just down the road turned out to be quite the blessing and opportunity. She’s volunteered there ever since our first week of living here and absolutely loves it. She’s also found great joy in serving the local association Focus on Canton. You can learn more about that organization at

Volunteering at the Canton Historical Museum was a great way for our family to get to know others in the area, as well as gain a better appreciation of the area by learning its history. We stay up to date on town events mainly through the museum.

There are lots of ways to serve. With a little imagination and a little willingness there are plenty of service opportunities in this area. Do you give service in this area? are you looking for volunteers? feel free to post a response to this post. Maybe we can bring some willing hands some opportunities to serve.

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  1. avatar Alyssa Hochstetter says:

    My son and I would like to volunteer to make meals for the elderly on Thanksgiving.

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