Walking/Running/Biking Trails

There are a lot of little cities and towns in the Farmington Connecticut Valley, but what brings many people to visit the area is actually what connects them together. The Farmington Valley Greenway, sometimes referred to as Rails to Trails by some, or simply called ‘the trails’, offer miles of scenic beauty and a chance to keep yourself physically fit.

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall months the trails are ideal for running, biking, and walking. In the Winter many of the same trails are used for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The trails also attract many photographers because of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife photography opportunities.

Most of the trails are paved, occasionally there will be sections unpaved or along a road, and there are occasional benches and parking lots to stop, rest, or look around.

The trails extend through many towns and Collinsville is a popular and great place to start. A parking lot near the Collinsville Ax factory building is a great place to park. After you experience the trail, it’s right close to The Crown and Hammer Pub or Lasalles for a bite to eat, or near a handful of art and antique shoppes. For more on the trails make sure to check out the blog section frequently. There will be posts and updates occasionally about the trails.

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